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Éson Vessel Small

Éson Vessel Small

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The Éson Vessels are inspired by the hand-blown French glassware originating from the 80s. Organic in silhouette, these watertight pieces are a unique and modern take on the classic vase. Made from 100% polylactic acid (PLA) derived from corn starch. The material is locally sourced by the makers, non-toxic and plant-based. Printing time 7 hrs. Measuring H 20.5cm x L 8cm x W 7cm. 

Founded by Irish designer, Eimear Ryan, in 2018, Argot Studio is a Paris-based design studio that offers 3D printed, sustainably-made collectable pieces. Argot’s stylistic aim is to transcend seasonality, trends and to last throughout generations. The collections express balance and consideration, fusing together minimalist, timeless design with high-quality, bio-sourced materials.

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